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Sams Duct Cleaning is an experienced and age-old name in the field of professional duct cleaning services across Melbourne, VIC. We offer all our affordable duct cleaning Melbourne services round the clock to our customers. We provide complete eradication of dirt, dust and debris while maintaining the quality and hygiene of the ducts. Now you can get your ducts professionally cleaned without thinking about hidden costs and expenses. Avail of the benefits of our affordable duct cleaning service today and save your money while getting your air ducts cleaned by us.

Certified Duct Cleaners

Highly-Trained Staff

Our in-house duct cleaners are certified and licensed by the concerned authorities and are a
perfect fit for any duct cleaning job.

Quality Duct Cleaning Tools

Quality Cleaning Tools

We use high-end equipment and tools to clean ducts at your home and offices. Thus we are delivering
the best service.

24/7 Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Fast & Effective Services

We provide same-day and emergency duct cleaning services with prompt reply and customer
support at the best rates!

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Dryer Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling Duct Cleaning Melbourne

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Duct Repair Melbourne

Duct Repairs Melbourne

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Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Heating Duct Cleaning Melbourne

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Same Day Booking: Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Same Day Duct Cleaners Melbourne

Our Duct Cleaners are available for the same day duct cleaning service in Melbourne. Duct cleaning is essential not just to keep your ducts fit and healthy but to keep you and your loved ones safe too. When dust gets collected in the ducts, it could lead to serious damage. First of all, this dust will start coming out along with the air from the ducts causing an unhealthy environment for you. Secondly, this dust attracts other contaminants, bacteria, and allergens etc which are further are unsafe for the human body. And lastly, dust causes blockage in the ducts that could lead to unexpected fires. So should you panic? No, lest we are here at Sam’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne. Our expert duct cleaners are trained to deliver stunning cleaning services making your ducts absolutely clean and safe

Professional Heating Duct System Cleaning Process

You must be curious how we clean your ducts at Sam’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne? Well, you should be because unless you know the process you won’t understand what all goes in while we make your ducts up and running again. Here is our duct cleaning process:

  1. The first step towards duct cleaning is inspection. We inspect the ducts to be cleaned for a deep knowledge of the ducts. Some ducts require just cleaning while others demand a little bit more than that – some kind of repair etc. So we check all of that and let you know.
  2. Next comes the cleaning of the ducts for which we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions, with simply no chemicals at all. We take out all parts from the ducts and clean them individually. We clean all parts including the air grill, heating fan, motor fans, filters, and vent grills. And once cleaned, we put them back.
  3. Once cleaning is done, we get down sanitising your domestic and commercial ducts. Sanitising the ducts gives a complete cleaning to the ducts.
  4. Finally, the last check is performed to see if anything else needs to be done. This completes our duct cleaning process.

What Else We Do?

In our ducted heating system cleaning process, we also check for animal intrusion and any faults in the part. Once you hire us for your ducts, we take complete care of your ducts in every possible way without ever compromising on the quality of service.

We work at Sams Duct Cleaning Melbourne with just one goal – to satisfy our customers with our excellent services. If you wish to get professional, experienced, and guaranteed duct cleaning services then call us today!

Duct Deodorising & Sanitation
Duct Return Vent Cleaning Melbourne
Duct Return Vent Cleaning

Air Ducted Heating Cleaning

Central Duct System Cleaning
Floor or Ceiling Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Floor or Ceiling Duct Cleaning

Cleanup Ducts infested with vermin

Carbon Monoxide (CO2) Testing

HVAC Cleaning and Sanitation (NADCA Certified)

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    Our Duct Cleaning Services Includes:

    1. Domestic duct cleaning
    2. Central Duct Cleaning
    3. Commercial duct cleaning
    4. Air Duct Cleaning
    5. AC duct cleaning
    6. Return Vent Cleaning
    7. Duct Unit Cleaning
    8. Carbon monoxide testing
    9. Ducted heating and cooling system cleaning
    10. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning
    11. Duct replacement
    12. Evaporative cooler cleaning
    13. Duct repairing


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    Benefits of Ducted Heating Cleaning & Maintenance Service

    With our expert duct cleaning services at Sams Duct Cleaning Melbourne, you get benefited from the following:

    • Clean air
    • No illness
    • Removal dust, bacteria, allergens, carbon particles etc.
    • No odours such as cigarette or cooking smells
    • Enhanced airflow
    • Improved electricity bills
    • Improved efficiency of the ducts
    • Better duct life
    • Solution for animal intrusion

    Cleaner ducts also mean that you will have to put in lesser efforts to clean your furniture and carpets because of lesser dust. Moreover, you will get complete peace of mind with our exceptional duct cleaning services.

    Why Professional Duct Cleaning is so Important?

    Some people are of the opinion that only commercial ducts require professional duct cleaning and domestic ducts can be in a good condition even without any professional cleaning. However, you should understand that domestic ducts need professionally cleaning because accumulated dust can cause a fault in duct parts, illness at your home/office, and could lead to fatal fires too.

    EPA guidelines have laid down main reasons when your ducts need a professional cleaning:

    • You have not got your duct cleaned for a long time.
    • Dust particles are coming along with the air through the ducts.
    • The air quality/air flow has depreciated.
    • There is mould growth inside the duct.
    • An animal has intruded in the duct.
    • There has been an increase in your electricity bills on running a duct system.

    Another important thing to remember is to keep a check on carbon monoxide leakage. This is a silent killer gas and could lead to death even. To do a thorough cleaning of your ducts and maintain them well, you must hire only certified and licensed duct cleaners.

    Carbon Monoxide Testing & Inspection Service in Melbourne

    Sams Duct Cleaning is one of the best service providers for duct cleaning and Carbon Monoxide Testing in Melbourne. Testing Carbon Monoxide in the ducts is necessary after using them for several years. Our technicians use advanced tools and skills to detect Carbon Monoxide in your ducts. After detection, we are able to resolve the problem causing the production of this gas in your duct system. Call us now and get the best services of duct cleaning, servicing and repairing in Melbourne. Contact us immediately for discounted services.

    Why Choose Sams Duct Cleaning Melbourne?

    • Most affordable prices
    • Expert in Emergency Duct Cleaning
    • Available 24 X 7 for ducted heating and cooling unit cleaning.
    • 20+ years experience
    • Free, no-obligation quote
    • Same day service
    • Licensed & trained cleaners
    • Latest equipment for duct cleaning
    • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
    Sams Duct Cleaning Melbourne is one of the most leading companies for duct cleaning services. Call us and experience the quality services delivered by a 2 decades-old company.

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    Q- How often should ducted heating be cleaned?

    You should clean the ducted heating after every 2-3 months.

    Q- Does duct cleaning include exhaust fans?

    Yes, exhausted fans are a part of duct cleaning.

    Q- Can I clean air ducts myself?

    If you have the proper knowledge and duct cleaning equipment, then you can clean them.

    Q- Can dirty heating ducts make you sick?

    Yes, air from dirty heating ducts can make you sick.