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How to Clean Floor Vents

How to Clean Floor Vents

7 Jul

How to Clean Floor Vents

ducts play a vital role at every home. They are small openings that allow freshness into the home or which allows the waste to pass by the home. These ducts are to be well managed and maintained to avoid clogging and which will finally lead to fetid and clogged corners.

Types of ducts that needs attention are as below-

  • Kitchen Sink duct
  • Wash basins duct
  • Bathroom corners ducts
  • Bathtub duct
  • Washing Machine duct
  • Dishwasher duct

To begin with, make sure to have safety measures in place. Like dust mask, gloves, antiseptic and first aid box for any emergencies. Make sure not to have any kids of pets around you during this process cause that can make the procedure a bit too messy.

Kitchen Sink Vent Pipe Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Kitchen Sink Vent Pipe Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Unleash the hose pipes from the ducts. Loosen the duct mesh. duct covers are varied types like- detachable / screwed / glued.  Apart from the ones glued the rest two t be loosened and removed. Wash the duct mesh and set it to dry. Now to unclog the passage of the duct that is underground or concealed. To clean the dry duct passage one can us vacuum cleaner to blow the dirt and dust. Do remember it is a blow action and not suction. And set the machine performance accordingly. And for the wet duct passage, connect one end of the hose to the tap and the other into the passage and allow water to pass by it with the great force such as all the clog and grit gets washed off.

Homemade corrosion remover

You could even try to use homemade corrosion remover. Pour in some drops of Lime in the jug. Add few cups of vinegar and warm water together. Immediately pour in the mixture into the Duct Cleaning hose to get rid of any hard clogs. Let the mixture sit in the duct hose for few minutes. Then blow off high-pressure water to wash off the loosened corrosion, dirt and clogs.

Let the area to dry completely and then place the duct mesh. Make sure to the secure them in place with require mode.  Tighten the screws at required location and for any self-lock system, make sure to lock them in place properly. Any spots clean it with the piece of cotton and vinegar.

Homemade corrosion remover
Homemade corrosion remover

Make sure to have all the unnatural ductilations to be turned off during this process cause they such the moisture from duct hose and distribute it within the home. In the case of AC, the Mesh will carry the germs to circulate until the next service. Thus make sure to have the fans and AC powered off during this process. But yes you could keep the windows open to make sure the obscured smell if any does not affect you.

Now that your home ducts are clean and dry you can be sure of a fresher and healthier environment! After this exercise reattaches all the hose pies to its place. And be sure to have relaxed unclogged ducts for the rest of few days.