How to Know that your Ducts are NOT Clean

It is of utmost importance to maintain our ducts as they are responsible for the airflow throughout our homes. Proper care and maintenance of air ducts are required so that they keep circulating unpolluted and odourless air. It is really simple to check whether your ducts are clean or not. One can simply open their vent and look dust build up around the walls of the duct. Ducts are also vulnerable to mould growth which is a fungus which grows as a black layer sticking to the walls of the duct. It suggested that you go for Duct Dirt Removal and Duct Mould Removal services. Professional Duct Cleaning Services can help you in checking the amount of dust build up and remove it. They also help in Duct Sanitization and Dust Deodorization as well.

Duct Cleaning Services
Duct Cleaning Services

Follow this Simple Article to Know Whether your Ducts are Clean or Not.

  • By simply lifting the lifting the vent covers up and having a peek to see the amount of dust and debris present in the duct will help in evaluating whether you require Heating Duct Cleaning or not. You can also see whether there is mould build up on the vent covers or not. Vent cover and filter should regularly be washed as well.
  • Examine the heater/air conditioner carefully, there should be no dust build up in and around it. It should dust free. Make the sure the coil and fan blades are also dust free.
  • Look for signs of dust and mud sticking to the coils of your air conditioner. The coil fins should be parallel and must not have any dents and curves. The draining pan of the coil should be draining properly and no sign of water leakage or dust should be seen.
  • Check the plenums of your HVAC system if it shows the signs of air blockage Filters should be properly fitted and washed regularly. Also check supply air plenum for moisture, stains and any contamination. The return air plenum should always be free of dust and debris.
Heating Duct Cleaning
Heating Duct Cleaning

How to Take Care of Your Ducts

  • Air Filters should be changed regularly.
  • You should Vacuum Clean your home regularly.
  • Make sure that the vents are fitted properly.
  • Regularly check the coils of the air conditioner.

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Professional Duct Cleaners
Professional Duct Cleaners