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Breathing fresh and clean air does not start and end with a service tune-up of your heating systems. Your duct system, the interconnected forced air systems, and the supply registers need the same professional attention as well. And for this, your chosen duct cleaning company should fulfil some of the set criteria set by government organizations. Sams Heating Duct Cleaning Melbourne is a government recognized company that fulfils all the industry standards and makes the distribution system of your house clean and contaminant free.

A clean and sanitized distribution system gives you the following benefits:

  • Cleaner air is free of bacteria, pollen, dirt, and debris
  • Clean air makes the environment disease-free
  • Makes the heating system last longer as it does not has to work harder
  • Further, it cuts down the energy costs
  • Additionally, it makes the air smell fresh soothes your nervous system

An indication That Your Heating Ducts Needs Cleaning

Even if you clean your heating systems and change the filters continuously, you can still feel the presence of dust within your house. This is an indication that the heated ducts are dirty or facing blockage. It is essential to clean them if:

  • You are finding it hard to access the insulated air ducts
  • Further, you are seeing a white or grey coloured patchy appearance inside the ducts, this can be mould
  • Additionally, you are seeing some creepy creatures within the ducts such as vermin and other reptiles
  • With air, you see contaminants flowing through the air in the rooms
  • Or, if you have recently got your house re-constructed

Sams Duct Cleaning Services Inclueds:

Sams Duct Cleaning provides complete cleaning of the heated ducts. It’s better if you have recognized that your ducts need cleaning but if you are unable to do so, then just call Sam’s Duct Cleaning and our experts will do it for you.

Have a look at our heating duct cleaning Melbourne services:

  • Heating duct cleaning
  • Evaporative cooling duct cleaning
  • Duct Installation and repair
  • Insulation replacement and asbestos removal
  • Attic cleaning
  • HVAC air duct cleaning

Furthermore, other services that we offer are:

  • Furnace repair
  • Radiant heat repair
  • Boiler repair
  • Space heater repair
  • Infrared heater repair
  • Maintenance of furnaces their replacement

How Heating Duct Cleaning Works: Process

Sam’s Duct Cleaning uses the most powerful equipment for duct cleaning that cleans every inch of the duct. Have a detailed look at our heating duct cleaning Melbourne process:

  • The duct cleaners start the process by accessing the condition of the ducts, the examination includes cracks and leak identification, the presence of dust, debris, moisture, mould, and
  • The attached outside grill is first unscrewed. Further, it is cleaned and then a long hosed vacuum cleaner is attached to the duct.
  • The vacuum cleaner provides 15,000CFM of suction and we maintain it at a pressure of 250PSI that extracts out all the dust.
  • Further, we hook the equipment at the base of the furnace through the access holes.
  • We place the entire system under negative pressure so that the contaminants may not spread in the entire area during the cleaning process.
  • Our certified duct cleaners maintain a negative pressure for some time so that they are able to extract all the fine particles and the loose dirt easily from the heating ducts.
  • We collect all the dust in large vacuum bags from your home.
  • Our duct cleaners insert the powerful extension tools in the ducts along with rotary brushes that remove all the residual dust particles from the ducts.
  • Next, we conduct a final inspection with the help of a camera robot that ensures proper duct cleaning.
  • Lastly,  we sanitize all the ducts and remove all the stale smells. The step also freshens up the indoor air and also removes any mold, mildew and airborne allergens in the heating and the ventilation system.

Our Heating Duct Cleaning Certifications and Standards

Sam’s Cleaning is a professionally owned, renowned and certified company in Melbourne city. Moreover, we are NADCA approved and have all the relevant licenses and insurances for the services that we provide.

You should be aware of the fact that NADCA sets some guidelines for professional duct cleaners and customers for safety purposes. If your ducts are insulated then be sure that the professionals who are delivering the services are  NADCA-approved.

Make the Best Choice by Choosing the Best Air Duct Cleaning Company

Here are some tips that will help you to avoid any scams related to heating  duct cleaning Melbourne:

  • Make sure that your chosen air duct company is offering a complete visual inspection by a robotic camera. Be sure that they clean every single duct properly before you pay for the service.
  • Additionally, make sure that the cleaners do not use any anti-microbial treatments as these are chemicals that can harm you and your family.
  • Further, if possible don’t allow the cleaners to use steam for cleaning because any left out moisture in future will lead to subsequent mould growth.

If you are alert at every step of cleaning no such scams will occur, the best way to avoid is to call certified cleaners: Sam’s Duct Cleaning.


Thus, call us and schedule a duct cleaning appointment today.

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