Signs That You Need Duct Repair Service

Your duct systems manage the air quality throughout the rooms. Therefore, the need for timely duct repair and management is of utmost priority. Air ducts play an important role in any home. And you must not overlook their maintenance and repair services. Do you know that a minimum of 25% of air is lost due to poor fitting and ductwork installations? And this ultimately results in excessive usage of HVAC systems as well as more electricity bills. Some signs are visible while others are not easy to detect. So, let us check out some common signs to check out if you need duct repairs below. 

Duct Repair Service

Signs That Shows You Need Duct Repair Service 

Dust and Dirt Around Air Vents 

If you observe dirt or dust starting to form around the air vents, then it is certain that you have some filtration issue. The HVAC system is responsible for supplying air to the duct system. With time, it collects dirt and pollutants from your rooms and collapses. So, you must keep an eye on your air vents in order to save them from failure. 

Increase In Energy Bills 

A sudden rise in energy bills is an indication of ductwork problems. This unprecedented spike may be due to certain leaks or damages to your ducts. Or maybe the ducts are not properly installed. In this case, the best solution is to call a professional duct repair company and sort the issue therein. Our company suggests annual maintenance and inspections of ductwork are necessary. So, if you too want to increase the efficiency of your ducts, call us today!

Foul Smells Inside Rooms

If you are smelling some damp and foul odours inside your home, there may be a mould infestation inside your ducts. Most of the time, mildew and moulds appear on the ducts when temperatures are unevenly distributed. These mouldy smells are bad for your respiratory systems. So, as soon as you notice any funky smell, call us for a thorough inspection and treatment. 

Weird Noises Coming Out From Ducts 

Are you hearing some uncommon sounds from your air ducts? If yes, you might need a duct repair service as soon as possible. The sounds may be of banging metal or whistling. Usually, these noises occur due to uneven air pressure or excess flow of air inside the ducts. So, keep in mind that whenever you hear an odd sound from ducts, it’s time for its repair. 

Different Temperatures Inside Your Home

In case you are experiencing different temperatures in different parts of the house, then it is an indication of a duct repair need. Your ductwork may be jammed due to dust, dirt, or maybe some pest infestation. In that case, we suggest you hire an expert duct cleaning service as early as possible. Moreover, you may experience the opposite also. If your ductwork is giving excess cooling/heating then it may have leaks. 

Who Can I Hire For My Duct Repair? 

If you are noticing any of the above mentioned signs, Sams Duct Cleaning can assist you with a variety of duct cleaning and repair services. We have designed a special team for different duct repairing parts. So, whenever you appoint our professionals you get special and reliable service. Our Duct Cleaner Melbourne experts are licensed at doing duct cleaning and installations. So, whenever in need, appoint us at (+61) 344 279 661.